Landscapes Beneath Your Feet
An Acrylic - Mixed Media
Adventure in Texture


These pieces are acrylic mixed media.  

Realistic, sculptural and highly textured.

Each painting incorporates a combination of acrylic gels and mediums with additives to create the texture.  These are thickly applied to a wood substrate.  Other mediums that are used for a more 3 dimensional look may be dry wall plaster or paper clay to achieve the surface that is needed. Rice paper, wood, rope, natural pieces and sand or gravel are added for detail.

Some pieces are created from photographs that I have taken myself.  The exceptions being the  '5 Second Rule' series and the mud puddles which are not. 

I draw upon the many types of media I have learned to use through the years from watercolor to woodworking and clay. 

My intention is to draw the viewer beyond

the electronic device that they hold in their hands.

Become aware of the world around you

 and begin by

 'Looking Down' 

at the 'Landscapes Beneath Your Feet'.